DARJEELING EXPRESS: Two Different Supper Club Nights

North London foodies rejoice ! We're cooking up two top notch supper club events with the celebrated Darjeeling Express. These nights have a citywide appeal so read on and book fast...

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Renowned chef Asma Khan and her all-female kitchen team "Darjeeling Express" are striding into Green Rooms for two very special supper clubs on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of February.

FRIDAY 10TH will be an Indo-Chinese night with luscious Tibetan soups, mouth-watering smoked chilli garlic prawns, beef stir fries, Tangra lemon chicken, mushroom hakka chow and beef momo dumplings - delish!

SATURDAY 11TH Is a "A Tale of Two Cities" with Haleem lamb dishes, Bengali prawn curries, spice-packed samosas, slow cooked goat and puchkas! It's one for the chilli lovers, but milder dishes are on offer too.

WHO ARE THEY: Darjeeling Express enjoy rave reviews for their supper clubs in Kensington and Soho, so this is a real treat to have Asma's team with us in Wood Green for the weekend. Asma Khan is a regular in the Guardian, Evening Standard and Time Out food pages, bringing "a taste of Royal India" to London.

FUN FACT: Asma was raised in a royal Indian household in which none of the women cooked. Her first taste of cooking came aged 11 when she had to take control of the kitchen at a chaotic family wedding! How the tables have turned: Today she is one of London's most celebrated Indian chefs.

Darjeeling Express 1
Asma Khan Chef

We're expecting all sorts of North London foodies to descend on the hotel so reserve your table now. Follow the links below to see info on each of the two nights, and browse Asma's tummy-rumblin website - WARNING - the Darjeeling Express website will make you more than peckish!

Vegetarian options aplenty, there's a fully stocked bar and a splendid atmosphere.

Email asma@darjeeling-express.com or click the links below for more info.

"Food lovers will adore Darjeeling Express" - Financial Times 'How To Spend It'