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Our new Japanese kitchen is opening soon.

Please find below a quote from our new chef Fan Yi, and keep an eye on our Instagram for news of our July opening. For press enquiries please contact Green Rooms and ask for Jack.

Fan Yi says, of Oita's opening and the origin of its name: 


‘Oita’ is a name of a prefecture in Japan. It is where we get Karaage from, a famous Japanese dish. We are calling our restaurant in at Green Roomns 'Oita', and hope it will be an opportunity to offer the real taste of what Japanese cuisine.

We offer chicken karaage as our signature dish, providing differnt flavour options for individual preferences (menu to released shortly). Our chicken comes from a local supplier and we use a premium oil for our deep fry dished - freshness, crispness and sustainability are guaranteed. You will soon notice the difference between our karaage and big chains, we can't wait for your feedback!" - Fan

See you soon!

Japanese Restaurant London - Oita