Privacy Policy 2018

Green Rooms Privacy Policy

Our website is hosted by Square Space and handled by the team here at Green Rooms. We are managers of information provided by you when you stay at Green Rooms or when you contact us (for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and more recent European GDPR laws).

In this Privacy Policy "we" "us" "GR" all mean Green Rooms Hotel (The Hotel Project Ltd) This is our hotel’s Privacy Policy which outlines which information we keep, and how we protect that information and keep it private.

Green Rooms recognises that the processing of information, handling of data and storage of your personal details is important and a matter of trust - And so we would like to state here that we take Privacy very seriously and it is for these reasons we have now written and published this document to explain how we handle your information, when we need to, with your consent. If you have any questions though you can email Green Rooms on

This policy includes and covers our website, our booking system, our blog and hotel social media channels, as well as private records and internal procedures relating to the smooth running of Green Rooms and providing the best possible service for our customers. 

Personal information which we collect

We collect your personal information and information that is provided by you when you contact us to book a room at Green Rooms, or do so on behalf of someone else. Or when you enquire about holding an event here such as a party, wedding reception or conference. When you sign up to our newsletter we keep your email address - for the purpose of sending you the newsletter, but we do not pass this information on to anyone else.

We may also keep your information if you enter a competition, leave a review of the hotel or make a complaint.

Information kept on file - having been provided by you - can include your Full Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Payment Details, Identification - e.g. Passports or a Driving License. We do not keep debit or credit card details.

Personal information provided by third parties

If you interact with our social media channels or leave a review - say on Google Reviews, TripAdvisor or via a third party like Booking.Com then this information may be logged and kept on file - or added to an existing profile of you if you're a guest who has stayed with us. This is very unlikely but in theory the circumstance could arise, for example if you were involved in a dispute with Green Rooms and we were collecting information to handle the situation with as broad an assessment as possible.

What we do with your information

Information collected by us and kept in our system is used to prepare your reservation and stay, in accordance to a booking contract and to make everything right for your visit. We do not pass your information on to other people and we only use it for marketing purposes with your prior permission.

If you are hosting an event at the hotel or have special requirements and information related to the event then this might be passed internally - For example, a group table might need to be laid for breakfast each day, certain equipment may be needed for live music or certain preparations relating to things such as accessibility or dietary requirements.

We may use your contact information if we feel it is necessary to get in touch after your visit - To ask that everything was OK with your visit and to ask if you would like to join our newsletter. Or in theory we may need to contact you in hindsight over various matters, for example lost property.

Currently we would only contact you with promotional offers via our hotel newsletter or via social media channels - which you would only receive or see if you choose to receive our newsletter and/or follow GR on social media. 

We may provide anonymous information to hotel partners - such TripAdvisor or booking.Com - for market research, which is different to direct marketing and helps us improve how we present our services online. For example this could be stat about guests like ‘Which countries our guests come from’, their general age group or how many nights they prefer to stay and which kinds of rooms are more popular. 

We could use your information to prevent fraud, and to carry out security checks on your behalf if we suspect there may be an issue. 

Do we keep your information forever?

No. We will hold onto information for however long we need to in order to provide the best service and to manage Green Rooms hotel effectively. Data retention periods for Marketing last as long as you want them to with our newsletter and social media channels you can unsubscribe or unfollow our hotel’s channels on each platform. 

Your basic information on our booking system will stay there so if you re-visit we can see your profile from the last time that you booked with us. After 7 years the data retention period might be terminated in order to keep our system fresh, but you can contact us prior to this and ask to have your profile removed sooner. If future law changes this then we will update this policy and announce our changes.

Further rights that you have

You can contact us at any time about the data we hold about you, why we have it - and ask which GR team members have access to it, as well as when and where we got that information. It will be from three places - You as a former guest, You as somebody who has got in touch with GR, or You as someone who has connected with us on social media or a third party website that we work with. In most cases we are happy to send you the information that we have about you.

It is reasonable to give us a couple of weeks to get back to you on a request of this nature as our small independent hotel has a busy hands-on-deck team.

We are also happy to update information that we have on you and you have the right to ask us to clear your profile (if you are guest, after your stay)

You can also Unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time and Unfollow the hotel on social media channels at any time.

You cannot opt out of emails relating to your stay - For example when you book a room this could trigger a Welcome email and when you check out we might send a follow-up to make sure your stay was perfect and delivered to our standards.

You can always contact us on